I was nine years old the first time I took a photograph.  I forced my, then, two year old sister to pose on a stack of ugly milk crates.  I was shooting with an old 110 camera with a built in flash.  They were awful photos, just terrible.  But I sure did love the sound of the shutter click.  



Thankfully, I have moved on from the 110 and milk crates.  And I would like to think my photographic skills have improved in the last 30 years.  After serving 6 years in the US Air Force, I attended SFA.  I pursued a degree in Art with an emphasis in photography and digital media.  But education rarely stops with obtaining a degree, especially in an area where technology is constantly changing and photography styles are ever evolving.  I am constantly growing as a photographer by self exploration and continuing education through the Texas Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of America organizations.  I am currently studying to obtain my Certification for Professional Photography.  I should test in January of 2017.  Wish me luck! 



I started my business in 2011.  In the beginning, I operated from my home, shooting mostly on location.  In 2014, I opened my studio located in Carthage, Texas.  My business model is Christ centered, focusing on running an honest business motivated by love and not money.  I find that when I put my focus on Christ, my business runs smoothly.  It's a testament to God's amazing grace.  I've been blessed to occupy a facility that is optimal for both flash and natural light photography.  This has enabled me to offer a variety of photographic styles.  While I do often still shoot on location, the studio offers a controlled light setting, giving me a great deal of flexibility and creativity.  



I have been married to the love of my life, Monty, for 14 years.  We have one daughter, Hannah, who just started seventh grade.  We have three cats and three dogs who are our whole world!  We attend church at Southside Baptist Church in Carthage, Tx.  Though I am from Dallas, we have Carthage roots by way of my husband and his family.  We moved here in 2007 to raise our daughter in a community that we trust.  Next year we celebrate ten years in Panola County!